Nilfisk Combi Hard Floor Washer

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Easily vacuum & wash in one go



Clever everyday cleaning – easily vacuum & wash in one go

Introducing the Nilfisk Combi hard floor washer – allowing you to now vacuum & wash your tiled, linoleum & hardwood floors in one go, without comprising the cleanliness or hygiene of your home.

Vacuums and washes in one go

The Combi Washer is the perfect all-in one solution to clean your floors in a fast, easy and hygienic way. With the Nilfisk floor washer you will be able to vacuum and wash at once, which will let you finish your cleaning tasks faster and have more time for yourself and your family.

Great for Daily use

When you just need a vacuum, the Combi Washer can be used without fluid for fast cleaning of dry dust and debris. For a full, hygienic clean, the Combi Washer can vacuum and wash at the same time to deliver a comprehensive deep clean of wet and dry debris.

Quick and Easy storage

When you have finished your cleaning task, place the Combi washer on the tray. Remove the brush and let it dry beside the machine. This will make the brush go completely dry, which will help maintain the machine in perfect conditions.


The Combi washer is the perfect all-in-one solution to clean your floors quickly, easily & hygienically, cleaning wet & dry debris at the same time. Vacuuming & washing in one go lets you finish your cleaning faster, leaving you more time for yourself & your family.

If you just need to vacuum the Combi can be used without cleaning fluid for the fast pick up of dust & dry debris. For a full, comprehensive deep clean of wet & dry debris the Combi can vacuum & wash at the same time, unlike other hard floor washers which require you to vacuum prior to washing the floor.

The Nilfisk Combi lets you wash up to 60m² with a single tank of clean water. The dirty water is collected & stored in a separate tank, ensuring maximum hygiene while using the washer.

The versatile, simple to use Combi is perfect for everyday use in homes with children & pets that need the flexibility of wet & dry cleaning at once. Providing the quick pick up of dirt & spills, as well as deep, hygienic cleaning, the Combi hard floor washer is handy & convenient all around the home.

Features & Benefits

  • Vacuums & washes in one go, saving time without comprimising cleanliness or hygiene
  • Cleans wet & dry debris without the need to use two separate machines
  • Cleans a range of flooring including tiles, linoleum & hardwood
  • Designed to deliver quick cleaning power whenever needed
  • Versatile machine can be used as a vacuum or combined vacuum / washer as needed
  • Easy park – the Combi can be stood freely without needing to lean the machine against walls/ furniture
  • Power brush provides great pick up of wet & dry debris
  • Selfs cleans internally when using the cleaning / storage tray
  • Ergonomic handle & space saving design
  • Easy to clean & maintain, washable filter & roller
Pack Size: Each Motor size: 450W
Power: 230 Cable Range: 7 Metre Mains Cable
Weight (kg): 5.1 Solution Tank: 525ml
Recovery Tank: 550ml Colour: White
Tools Inc: Roller, Brush, Cleaning Tool, Cleaning & Storage Tray Model: Combi
Model Number: 128390051 EAN: 5715492205516
ASIN: B07WNRN76H Height (mm): 1160
Hot Vacuums store Tip – Please protect your machine against frost damage as no manufacturer warranties against burst pipes and cracked pumps from frost expansion.

2 reviews for Nilfisk Combi Hard Floor Washer

  1. Oliver

    Saw the advert on TV looked very impressive, so decided to buy one as we have several tiled floors. Arrived very quickly, easy to assemble, better than expected cleans brilliantly leaves the floor nearly dry. Excellent and good value.

  2. Linz1

    Bought this to use on my non slip vinyl floors as the dog makes them really muddy. Does a marvellous job- no more scrubbing brush for me! Hurrah.

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